Chuck Hubbard’s Platform

Chuck will always stand up for working families.

In Congress, Chuck will prioritize our working families and small businesses, support public education, work to build an economy that works for all of us, and expand access to affordable healthcare. He’ll always vote to protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits that North Carolinians depend on every day, he’ll stand up for equal justice for every community, and he’ll always protect a woman’s right to choose and access critical healthcare.

Congress needs to show up for the working class, rather than corporations and their special interest groups. It’s long past time that we put political theater aside and work towards solutions for the issues facing our working class families and small businesses, along with the communities that rely on them.

Our public education system is the backbone of our country and, even though much of the policy decisions are made at the state level, Congress must do everything it can to support public education, teachers, and the physical infrastructure needed.

Building an economy that works for all of us isn’t just a talking point, it should be a main consideration. Thinking about everyone’s role and considering local businesses, rather than just corporate interests, will allow us to grow collectively – rather than corporations extracting wealth from our community.

We need a Representative who will take action to bring back good-paying jobs, support our small businesses, and strengthen North Carolina’s agriculture – especially as farmers face increasingly unpredictable weather patterns due to climate change.

In our modern economy, we must ensure access to high-speed broadband, creating good-paying jobs and opportunities for our children, and expanding 21st-century infrastructure to rural communities in order to connect businesses with the global market.

Crucial programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits are increasingly used as political pawns by Republicans in Congress.

This isn’t right, as these are oftentimes the only source of benefits for working folks or seniors in our communities. In Congress, I’ll fight against any attacks on these programs.

In the greatest country on Earth, nobody should struggle to get access to health care. I believe that it is our responsibility to provide a government option that can be used to support health care infrastructure in rural areas, and keep prices low for everyone. Simple put – nobody should have to worry about paying enormous medical bills and there should be a hospital within a short drive of every community.

Attacks on minority communities and our LGBTQ neighbors are outright un-American. I’ll fight for equal justice under the law for every single American, regardless of their background.

Abortion is an issue that should be discussed in a doctor’s office between a patient and their doctor. There’s no room for the government in that conversation. Abortion is a medical procedure and should have been codified into law nationally long ago.