About Chuck Hubbard

Chuck stands up for working families.

Chuck Hubbard is a native of Wilkes County, with deep family roots throughout North Carolina. At age 8, Chuck began working at the print shop of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, the local paper his grandfather founded in 1932, inserting newspaper sections and helping with the mailing process. At age 16, while as a student at Wilkes Central High, he began covering news for the paper, eventually coming to work full-time after graduating from Wofford College.

As a local journalist on the front lines of breaking news throughout the region, Chuck kept the public informed about important events with prompt timing and keen accuracy.

With over forty years of investigating and presenting facts as they are, Chuck never let his personal beliefs influence his reporting. In Congress, he’ll take that same mindset, rejecting political theater and focusing on what’s important – improving the lives of the folks back home.

  • Prioritize our working families and small businesses
  • Support public education
  • Protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits
  • Expand access to affordable health care
  • Stand up for our minority communities

Chuck lives with his wife Shari, a native of Greensboro who served over twenty years as a State Trooper stationed in Wilkes County. They have three daughters and two grandchildren. Outside of the business community, Chuck has been deeply involved in his community, serving on the board of Wilkes Recovery Revolution, the Wilkes Child Abuse Prevention Team and the Wilkes Prison Ministry.

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